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Hello everyone . I wanted to tell you all that we are no longer giving unlimited webspace to our hostees as hardly a handful of people added the ad code on their site . Sorry


comments - 0 - Posted by: Prashant on: 05-22-2004 13:24

Good News
Hi everyone . You may have seen a delay in the making of accounts . This was because i had exams and the cowebby had gone for a vacation . But now she's back and the creation of accounts has started again .

I have a good news for everyone . We are giving Unlimited Webspace to everyone !!! Yes thats right ! Unlimited ! All we ask you to do is add our adscript to your website so that we can continue giving all these cool features and so that we'll be able to give you even more bandwith and stuff ! So all those who already have their accounts made, e-mail me at
[email protected] for getting the ad script code . Please do this !


comments - 2 - Posted by: Prashant on: 03-23-2004 23:41

Learn about fisher transform indicator

Hi again
Hey everyone ! Work at M-H is going great due to a great response from you all . Well i have made a bit less accounts in this week due to my exams . They are now over ! Well for all the people to whom i told that i'll make the hosting account , please e-mail me again with the username , password , subdomain and stuff you would like cause my comp had to be formatted and therefore i lost all the info .


comments - 1 - Posted by: Prashant on: 01-24-2004 03:51

Hi everyone and Welcome to Magical Hosting ! We host harry potter and lord of the rings sites at no cost at all . We can also host sites based on something else . Just read the FAQ page and also the about page for further details . We hope you would spread the word around regarding our release and our services . We wish we can host as many good sites as possible !

Bye and Happy Viewing

comments - 8 - Posted by: Prashant on: 01-07-2004 11:33